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Thank you for what you did, thank you for what you said and thank you for who you are. I have been suffering depression for 23 yrs, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I came across you accidently and you have changed my life. Before I was just existing whereas now I'm living You have given me life again. You have taught me so much. Your products are amazing I would highly recommend you to anyone. It wasn't an easy road but was well worth it. I will continue to take your products for as long as I live. BIG THANK YOU Once again

Teresa Polizzi, Craigieburn, Vic

Nature’s Medicine Kits


Ultimate Intestinal Cleanse

Tooth and Gums

Superior Organic Superfoods

Female Balancing

What Are Your Chances With Mainstream Medicine?

Every Year in America

This is the Number of Adverse
Medication Deaths
This is the Number
of Deaths Caused by Hospital-borne Infections
There Are
Deaths from Bedsores
Total Number of Deaths
Caused By Mainstream Medicine

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Let Me Show You, Without Risk, How to Make Your Life Better

Here Are Just Some of The Amazing Benefits of Joining Us:

Have Private Health Cover?

If you have private health cover you get the the same discount from us as you would from any naturopath for the hourly consultation. No questions asked.

Looking for the Ultimate Detox?

Our detoxes are time-tested, having been used by thousands of people over the centuries.
Detox every major organ, starting from the intestinal tract to the kidney and liver, and even cleansing the blood!

Are You Ready to Save Your Life?

We are too. Many people come to us in a last-ditch effort to save their life. These time-tested, ancient techniques have been used by thousands, and you can use them too.

Attention, Females! Enjoy Greater Stability!

If your emotions are unstable, your periods irregular, or you suffer from hot flushes, then you have hit the right clinic.
You too can sail smoothly through those rocky transitions in life. No more roller coasters!

Enjoy a New Bub Without IVF

Our fertility program is second to none. Many woman have been able to give birth after C-section, and without IVF treatment. Alternatively, we can work in conjunction with your IVF treatment to increase the chance of success.
PLUS, you get the ultimate in pre-natal care tailored just for you. Enough calcium, iron and all other nutrients you and your baby need.

Shed That Weight and Still Eat As Much As You Want

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! With our program, you CAN eat as much as you want and watch the pounds slide right off. At the same time, you can dramatically reduce your risk factors for all major diseases and even reverse most of them!

The Numbers are in, and it is not Looking Good for Australians

How many Australians
will die from heart disease this year alone.
There Are
Hospitalizations every year from diabetes
Number of Cancer
Diagnoses in 2015 Alone
The number of Bowel movements
You will be short of in your life

How Do You Like Your Odds So far?

Just think about it for a bit. If your plumber couldn’t fix your plumbing, would you keep calling the same plumber?

This is exactly what you are doing when going to an allopathic doctor.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!

I think society must be insane by going back to the hospitals and getting the same BAD results!

Don’t you?

Why not Try Something Different so You CAN Get Real Results?


I noticed a massive change in my premenstrual emotions, I had more stability in my emotions and was able to work with them at any given time. There was no longer an emotional roller coaster... And they weren't lasting no where near as long. I felt more in control of myself.

Hailey Davis, Montrose, Vic

I had an ulcer for a while and the doctors medication was not helping. I found Stephen and in just a couple weeks I was eating foods I have not eaten in months

Chelsea O’Conner, Eureka Montana.

I was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors had performed surgery on me. I did not do chemo. I went to Stephen for guidance and support. I followed his recommendations. I have been cancer free for 10 years now.

Sunny White, Eureka Montana

Sarah, [11 year old daughter with autistic spectrum disorder] has improved with her health a great deal since we have started the detox, praise God. Thank you for all your efforts, it is much appreciated.

Christine James, Morayfield, Queensland

These Are NOT The Remedies You Have Seen Before. These Programs Are POWERFUL Healing Tools.

Basic Detox


10 Days
  • Increase your Energy levels
  • minimize symptoms of disease
  • Expel Parasites
  • Eliminate more easily
  • Detox your liver
  • Detox your kidneys
  • Easy to read instructions

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2 or more monthsThis program has been used to:
  • Fight stage four cancer
  • reduce symptoms of arthritis
  • heal signs of Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Fight leukemia, lung and breast cancers
  • Reduce or stop all symptoms of neuromuscular diseases such as MS
  • For everything else under the sun

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