Practitioner Only Product Range for CAM Pracitioners

Complimentary and Alternative Medicines. (CAM) These herbal formulae are available only to practitioners. The items listed in here are not available to the general public, but can only be purchased through a naturopath, herbalist or qualified practitioner.

What you get:

  • stronger and more concentrated then the retail versions so you know it will work.
  • professionally formulated for specific needs by a qualified and tested herbalist.
  • Detailed description of product due to lifting of the TGA advertising policy when directed to CAM practitioners.
  • Vegan and gluten free for any of your intolerant clients.
  • Organic or Wild-crafted so that your aren’t adding any more toxins into the body.
  • No fillers or added ingredients so that every single cent spent is packed with high quality nutrients and phyto-chemicals.
  • No synthetic vitamins so that the body can assimilate 100% of the precious medicinal properties.

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