Incurables Program

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$ 679.00

Don't give up hope, this program gives life-altering results!


  • TIME-TESTED with thousands of patients for a powerfully effective and life-changing impact
  • Contains 18 of Dr. Schulze’s most POWERFUL foundational herbal formulae
  • Three decades of clinical EXPERIENCE—now in a box

(2) Mountain Nutrition Powder (Super foods),   (2) Intestinal Formula #1 (100-ct), (2) Intestinal Formula #2 Powder, (2) Echinacea Plus, (2) L-GB Formula, (2) Detox Tea, (2) K-B Formula, (2) K-B Tea, (2) Detox Formula, plus complete instruction book, “There Are NO Incurable Diseases” emailed in PDF Format.

Note: It is recommended to add Nerve Formula and Cayenne tincture to the incurables.

Eliminate minor aches and pains.
Unclog the pipes in your body.
Used in conjunction with conventional treatments.
The absolute best detoxing and health building program.
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Best Price Guaranteed
Not Just Another Cleanse
Specially Formulated to Make it Simple
Get Your Mind Right for Some Outrageous Healing!



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